---Brent, CA, USA

I had always been bothered with slow computer until I found this registry cleaner to speed up pc. After a quick scan and repair my computer performs as what I expect.

---Allard, Chicago, USA

This is really a good tool to speed up pc! Thanks!.

---Ella, London, UK

This is the best cleaner I have ever tried. I ran some downloads of several other cleaners, but they were all inefficient. This one finds much more errors and makes my computer stable. Thanks a lot!

--Dorset, Boise, USA

With this registry tool I don’t need to worry about slow computer any more! I can use it at ease!

Scan Now to Speed up PC Performance

Easy PC Faster BoxIf you are facing the problem of slow computer, please refer to the following paragraphs to see what causes thus problem and how to speed up pc.

Reasons for Slow computer:

•PC errors and registry errors

•Too many useless startup programs

•Deficient disk memory

•Corrupt Windows system

•Missing Windows updates

What can the best registry cleaner do to speed up pc?

Fix registry errors by scanning the whole of your computer.

Fix all the pc problems such as blue screen, windows freeze, runtime error.etc.

Manage startup programs by deleting useless ones.

Manage and optimize disk memory.

Optimize windows system in an all-round way.

Provide latest updates of all the programs on your computer.

Fix IE problems and speed up IE.

Delete useless junk files and temp files.Easy PC Faster

How registry cleaner to speed up PC?

★Scan and fix pc errors in a very quick way

Speed up slow pc in several minutes

★Find two times more errors than any other cleaner

Easy and convenient to use for both computer novice and expert

★Finish all the repair work with one mouse click

★Provide latest updates

Download Easy PC Faster Now

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About Easy PC Faster

  • Current Version: 8.6
  • File Size: 4.62M
  • Operating System: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/8
  • Release Date: Feb 19, 2014
  • Protection Against: Fix registry errors and optimizes PC for better performance.

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