---Gaby Johnson, USA

I often tried to optimize windows xp manually, but failed finally, and then I found Easy PC Faster, it is very professional on PC optimization. I like it.

---Fred Brown, Chicago

At first, I do not think it can help me optimize Window XP well but after I use, I really realize how great it is!

---Eric Miller, Canada

Easy PC Faster is the most useful tool I have ever used. It makes my PC in a good condition for a long time.

--Brandon, London, UK

What a nice tool to optimize Windows XP! It really speeds up my computer and make me enjoy a better internet experience! Thanks a lot!

Optimize Windows XP Now!

Easy PC Faster BoxFor the slow PC or deadlock even the blue screen of death, do you have any idea? When your PC is in trouble, can you take some useful steps to solve it? Next I will tell you some useful ways to optimize Windows XP.

Three Steps to Optimize Windows XP

1. Uninstall unused/unwanted programs

If there are too many unused or unwanted programs in PC, it will have a slow windows startup and the system cannot operate smoothly either.
Go to Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs and go through the list. Remove any program that you will no longer need.


2. Clear caches and temp files

Too many caches and temp files not only occupy the space in PC but also can slow down PC operation speed. For a better PC, it is necessary to clear them regularly.
Go to Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> and select Disk Cleanup. You should check all boxes and leave "Compress old files" and "Catalog files" option uncheck for optimizing Windows XP. Click OK to proceed.

Easy PC Faster

3. Optimize Windows Registry

Just as temporary files can built up over time, the Windows registry will also grow in size with more and more entries being created. As programs get installed and uninstalled and spywares and viruses come in, the registry begins to get clogged up with tons of invalid and obsolete entries. This affects Windows performance and causes multiple errors, so you must check the registry and fix the errors in it to keep good performance of PC. But here comes a problem.

As the registry is the most crucial part in PC, it needs you pay much attention to fixing registry errors. Fixing registry errors also is a very boring and complicated task for us. For this, I highly recommend you to use a good tool to achieve this step.

Optimize Windows XP much easier

It is a better idea to use a good Registry Cleaner to fix registry errors than fixing it manually.
Easy PC Faster is one of the best Registry Cleaners in the world and it uses the most advanced technology which makes sure that it can optimize Windows XP quickly and effectively.
The tool not only can optimize Windows XP very well but also owns many other great functions. In a word, after you use the tool, you can fix almost all troubles in PC!

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