---Brent, CA, USA

I had always been bothered with slow computer until I found this registry cleaner to speed up pc. After a quick scan and repair my computer performs as what I expect.

---Allard, Chicago, USA

This is really a good tool to speed up pc! Thanks!.

---Ella, London, UK

This is the best cleaner I have ever tried. I ran some downloads of several other cleaners, but they were all inefficient. This one finds much more errors and makes my computer stable. Thanks a lot!

--Dorset, Boise, USA

With this registry tool I don’t need to worry about slow computer any more! I can use it at ease!

How to optimize Windows 7?

Although Windows 7 is much better than the precious windows system, it can be worse and worse without regular and careful optimization. The longer we use the PC, the greater necessity to optimize windows 7.

Next I will tell you how to optimize windows 7 step by step.

Follow several steps to optimize windows 7 manually

1. Optimize Windows 7 memory

This step can speed up your PC.

1). Click Control Panel–System-Advanced System Settings-Advanced tab-Settings -Advanced tab-click Change- Uncheck the box labeled automatically to manage paging file size for all drives.

2). Select C: from the Drive box and switch it to the No paging file option. Next, select a different hard drive and choose System managed size. Click OK and restart your computer.

2. Use the Performance troubleshooter

Performance troubleshooter can check issues that might slow down your computer's performance and fix them. Use it properly and your PC will be in good condition.

Open the Performance troubleshooter by clicking the Start -Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooter-Troubleshooting. Under System and Security, click Check for performance issues.

3. Delete unneeded Programs, startup Programs and temporary files

Too many unneeded programs can lead your PC slow startup and also can produce errors in registry. It is necessary for you to delete them.

(1). Double check through your startup programs and disable or remove the ones you do not want to run when Windows 7 starts up.

(2). Delete Temporary files created by programs for various purposes by using the Disk Cleanup utility that’s included in Windows 7 (type “Disk Cleanup” in the Start Menu search form)

Do you have desire to find a better way to optimize windows 7? Do you want to spend less time on PC optimization? If you want, I recommend you to use a good Registry Cleaner.

The Best Tool to Optimize Windows 7

Easy PC Faster is a good tool that can optimize Window 7 in a second with great efficiency.

It can make the system run faster, smoother and more efficiently. With several mouse clicks, you can automatically and effectively accomplish the above process without worrying about making any mistake.

It also owns many other highlights:
1. Memory Optimizer- free up physical memory in order to speed up program access
2. Junks and evidence cleaner-you can use to cleanup all tracks of your pc and internet activities.

3. Startup Manager- You can choose one or several ones from the list of programs running at system startup to get them removed by clicking “Remove”.
4. System Optimizer-System Optimizer can help you to optimize your PC by optimizing Network, Disk Cache, Desktop, and File System.

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