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This is the best cleaner I have ever tried. I ran some downloads of several other cleaners, but they were all inefficient. This one finds much more errors and makes my computer stable. Thanks a lot!

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With this registry tool I don’t need to worry about slow computer any more! I can use it at ease!

What are registry errors and how to fix them?

Have a long start up and shut down problem on your PC? Are there always many insensible error messages and even pc crashes? If yes, then this article will be very useful for you, in fact, those PC problems may be caused by registry errors. So what registry errors are and how to fix them?

What are registry errors?

The Windows registry is a large database that contains the settings and configurations of programs and applications. It is the recorder of all the acts of your pc. Improperly uninstalled applications, Viruses, Trojans and spyware, unnecessary files on your computer system all can cause registry errors. If you do not repair them timely, they can even cause system and application crashes.

How to fix Registry Errors

You can go a comprehensive check and also clear browser cache to get rid of useless personal files and download before you fix them. If problems can not be solved completely, then you might have to consider fixing registry errors.

1. Manual method
If you know some basic computer knowledge and how to operate pc flexibly, then you can choose to fix registry errors yourself by cleaning up your registry. Here are steps:

1) Click”Start”,"Run" and type "regedit." Click the folder you wish to edit, and click the subkey to highlight it.

2) Click "File"-"Export". Export the file to your desktop by clicking "Save”.

3) Click "Start"-"Search" and type "regedit" in the search bar and press the "Return" key on your computer. Search for previously uninstalled program folders, and right-click the folder to display the pop-up menu. Click "Delete" to remove the folder or Select the area you need to edit from the editor to make your changes.

Since man often make mistakes unavoidably, and any mistake may cause to lose valuable information or damage your system. So I recommend the following method to fix problem.

2. Software method
An advanced registry cleaner can help you to fix the problem quickly and effectively which can perform a deep scan of registry errors, obsolete entries, invalid entries, etc and then the discovered errors and data will be cleared totally.

Here are other good features of Easy PC Faster:

1) Uninstall manager - easily remove any unneeded program

2) Auto backup - restore the registry conditions and other items

3) Service optimizer - Diagnose windows system services configuration

4) Start-up manager - control startup items, so that you can stop unnecessary software from running at boot

You can choose the above methods as you wish. If you are very familiar with pc and know how to operate it easily, then choosing to fix the problem manually is very reasonable. But due to the security and effectiveness reasons, I recommend you to use Easy PC Faster software to regularly fix registry errors completely once and then don’t need to worry about this problem any more.

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