---John, New York, USA

It is an amazing tool to clean IE cookies. I’m very satisfied with this software which saves me a lot of time and energy. Now I don’t have to Clean IE cookies by hands. Thank you again.

---Merry, CA, USA

Wow! Very easy operation. All IE cookie and junk files of PC can be cleared effectively. I highly recommend you use it.

---Joycey, London, UK

This registry cleaner has many advantaged features which much software can not owns which can clean IE cookies and many registry errors. My PC gets faster than before. Thanks a million.

--Jack, Canada

This cleaner helps me completely clean ie cookies and optimize my computer performance. Now my pc runs as a new one. Thanks!

How to clean IE cookies to speed up IE performance?

Easy PC Faster BoxStill be troubled by the IE cookies and slow internet? Wanting to clean IE cookies that websites have gathered on your computer after a long time usage? Want to never be troubled by these problems any more? In fact, there are many ways to solve the problem. Just read the following article carefully.


Cookies are small bits of data which your pc uses to personalize your online browsing experiences. After a period of time, the amount of cookies that you're no more being able to clear accumulate and clutter your hard disk, so you have to clean IE cookies regularly in order to optimize computer performance.


How to clean IE cookies manually

1. Internet Explorer 6

Click Internet Explorer-Tools-Internet Options-General Tab-Delete Cookies-OK

2. Internet Explorer 7

Click Internet Explorer-Tools-Internet Options-General Tab-Delete Cookies checkbox -yes

3. Explorer 8

Click Internet Explorer-Tools-Internet Options-General Tab Safety-Delete-Cookies checkbox-Delete

4. Internet Explorer 9

Click Internet Explorer-Tools-Safety-Delete browsing history-Cookies check box –Delete


However, what you must be clear is that manual deletion can not completely clean IE cookies and files still exist and are easily accessible, so cookies or undetected websites can also be used by hackers for nefarious purposes. Thus, use Registry Winne to clean IE cookies and files in up to one minute now.

Powerful IE cookie cleaner----Easy PC Faster

Easy PC FasterEasy PC Faster is top-ranking registry software which could clean IE cookies through only simple clicks. It can ensure all traces and computer activities permanently erased and unrecoverable on your PC.


With the evidence cleaner function, you can clean IE cookies, temporary Internet files, Windows files and registry errors which could slow down your PC. You can also check your hard drive and clear out any program designed to harm your computer or access your personal data.


Easy PC Faster can not only help to clean IE cookies, but also it has many other advantage IE features:
★ BMO manager-manage all of your IE objects and IE settings
★ IE Recover-recover IE options to be default settings
★ IE problems-help you resolve IR problems
★ IE favorites -back up your IE favorites for later restore


These features could speed up pc performance, ensure safety and security of IE by blocking malicious in break and restore Internet Explorer to the perfect performing states.


You can clean IE cookies by yourself regularly and only if you keep cleaning them completely, your IE can be in best state. So if you don’t know how to clean them by yourself, you could use the best tool to help you. Easy PC Faster will be your best assistant.

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