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Fix interrupting and irritating blue screen problem

Any user who uses windows has likely experienced the blue screen which is a common error that occurs whenever there is an error happens on software, hard ware, or driver and prevents pc from operating properly. It is frustrating and may interrupt our computer and even make us lose important data. So it is necessary to fix the blue screen. Before we fix it we must first learn about what is blue screen.

What is Blue Screen?

The Blue Screen (also called Blue Screen of Death), officially known as a Stop Error or a blue check, is the error screen displayed by the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems upon encountering a critical error, of a non-recovered nature, that causes the system to “crash”. The term is named after the color of the screen generated by the error.

The blue screen is usually caused by many different reasons: Incompatible drivers, software and faulty hardware. All these are related to windows registry. Without fixing it, you may encounter more severe problems.

How to fix blue screen?

1. Manual way to fix it
If you are not one of the lucky men who can fix the blue screen after a reboot, you must do some diagnosis to solve the problem.

The following are the six steps:
1. Turn on your PC.
2. Tap the F8 key repeatedly on your keyboard.
3. It will appear an option “Select Safe Mode”.
4. Click on the "Start" menu, "All Programs" and "Accessories" tab.
5. Click on the "System Tools" and "System Restore" option.
6. Choose a restore point, then click on "Restore" button to start system restore.

You need to be much careful when repairing it, because if there is any mistake, your PC will get more errors even crash. You may ask-I have little knowledge about computer, let alone repair it. What should I do? If so, try the second method.

2. Fix the error automatically with the best software

It is a wise choice to fix blue screen by using the Easy PC Faster, which is considered the most advanced and cost-effective way to fix registry error and optimize PC. As the software can scan and fix all of the errors, you don’t need to fix the problematic program one by one.

Easy PC Faster can diagnose and repair blue screen and other windows problems and system slowdowns in 2 minutes. Install the software, choose the function of “Scan and Clean”, with a single click, it will scan your entire system and find errors that caused blue screen, clean out unneeded and unnecessary files, and even hundreds of other hidden problems.

Besides, the perfect software also has other features:
1). Thoroughly optimize your system, including internet speed and memory and speed up PC.
2). Manage startup programs to speed up windows startup.
3). Remove all your computer traces and protect your privacy.

Are you bored by the blue screen? Try this method which may help you.

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About Easy PC Faster

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